Tuesday, May 11, 2010

VMware vCenter Chargeback™

Model, Measure and Assign Costs Associated with Virtual Machines

Get accurate cost measurement, analysis and reporting with VMware vCenter Chargeback, part of the VMware family of management products. Create cost transparency and accountability so business owners and IT can understand the actual cost of the virtual infrastructure required to support business services.

VMware vCenter Chargeback is fully integrated with VMware vCenter Server and gives you the ability to map IT costs to business units, cost centers, or external customers — enabling a better understanding of how much resources cost and what can be done to optimize resource utilization to reduce overall spend on IT infrastructure.

Accurately Measure and Analyze Costs of Virtual Machines
Make better resource utilization and allocation decisions by ensuring accurate measurement of the true costs of virtualized workloads. Identify opportunities to reduce deployment of low-priority or under-utilized workloads that don't justify their costs. Help the business make informed decisions about service levels with better visibility in to their associated costs.

Drive Transparency Between IT and the Business

Allow the business to understand the cost of deploying and maintaining business services.
Eliminate the perception that virtual machines are "free"
Drive better decision making and planning for infrastructure budget requirements

Simplify Cost Accounting for a Shared Virtual Infrastructure

Accurately account for resource ownership across business units
Automatically assign costs for usage of server, storage, and network resources
Schedule and distribute reports on a periodic basis to communicate usage and costs to business owners

Use Comprehensive Datacenter Cost Modeling

Track costs for power, cooling, real estate, software licenses, and maintenance associated with virtual infrastructure deployments
Distribute costs for shared business services across organizational units
Integrate with existing IT Financial Management or Asset Management systems for complete cost visibility across physical and virtual resources