Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Network Security

Endpoint Immunity

* Zero software (applications, O/S, data) at the endpoint
* USB access at the endpoint can be controlled/access denied
* Keyboard and mouse input are encrypted
* Secure remote access to virtual machines. with output options controlled

One of the primary goals is to move all software off the desktop and to the server. In accomplishing this goal, the ultimate secure endpoint was created, impervious to all malware and viruses. While this does not change the vulnerability of the software and data in the data center, at least it is in place where IT has more control. And in the event a virtual desktop machine is corrupted, IT can simply discard it and provision a new one, in just minutes.

The Pano System is compatible with the most USB devices, however the IT Staff can prevent the use of an external device at the endpoint, further protecting access to centrally located applications and data. Meanwhile all keyboard and mouse input from the user session, are protected with the industry standard AES128 encryption.

For remote access, a companion product to the Pano System has been developed called Pan Remote. Pano Remote can be used by employees at any PC anywhere on the Internet. It is a convenient tool that end-users quickly integrate into their daily routine. Since it is only using the client as an access vehicle and uses SSL tunnel to gain entry to the virtual machines back in the Company's server room, it is completely secure. If the vehicle being used should be infected - there is no risk of cross contamination.

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