Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pano Green

Uses only 3% of the energy of a PC

* Same as a traditional PC turned off
* 80% savings over a traditional PC
* Less heat created means lower A/C costs
* Zero clients -> no moving parts -> longer upgrade cycle -> less waste
* RoHs compliant

Whether driven by the need to help the environment or reduce company costs (or both), you may be surprised at the impact of the Pano System on the energy bill. The Pano System will provide more than an 80% energy savings over a traditional PC, even when including the additional energy used by the server.

Another energy related factor is whether to tell employees to turn off their PC's at night, or leave them on. A recent article (USA Today, 03/25/09) stated that $2.8 billion was spent by companies on electricity for PCs left on overnight - $2.8 billion down the drain with no value in return. However, if employees shut down their PCs at night, their data may not be available for scheduled back-ups, which is not conducive for business continuity. Second, they can spend 10-20 minutes per day shutting down and starting back up the following day, conservatively costing a full work week per year.

The Pano System is always on and always available. No energy wasted and no time lost shutting down or booting up.

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