Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tips & Tricks

Want to know a few tips & tricks for using your computer? Well I have gathered a few handy tricks with the Mouse & Keyboard. Enjoy!

The Mouse

* Most people have 3-4 browser tabs open at one time. If you want to close a tab you have to click on it, then click the little x that appears on the tab. That is two clicks total and you also have to view the tab that is about to be closed.

All you need to do is middle click any tab in Firefox or Internet Explorer and it closes. No need to see the tab or click the x. Try it sometime.

* Say you have a link that you would like to open. Traditionally you would either double click the link, or right click and select an option to open.

When you middle click the link it opens immediately in a new tab.

* What if you have a folder in Internet Explorer or Firefox that has a collection of links you use all of the time. Do you open these links one by one?

Instantly open every link in a folder, each in its own tab, by middle-clicking that folder. It doesn't matter where the folder is located bookmarks, or a pull down menu.

* Want a faster way to scroll through a document or web page?

Click and hold the middle mouse button. This will activate a handy page scroll option.

What About the Keyboard?

* Would you like a quick way to switch between open program?

ALT+TAB Switch between the open items

* How about a fast way to minimize all of your current open windows?

Windows Logo+M Minimize all of the windows

* When in a window and you would like to move through cells or options rapidly you can..

TAB Move forward through the options

* Conversly if you would like to move backward through cells or options you can...

SHIFT+TAB Move backward through the options

* Want a new tab in a browser

CTRL + T will open a new tab in Firefox & Internet Explorer

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