Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Desktop Virtualization

Traditional Desktop Management Challenge

Management is time consuming and inefficient

· Different Systems, users, images, applications
· Distributed PC Management
· Provisioning large numbers of users

Security & Compliance Risks
· Difficult to maintain regulatory compliance
· Low Control on data saved on PCs
· Unpredictable user activity

High Operating Costs
· High Support, Administration Costs
· 90% of Cost is Operational Management
· PCs are more than 80% under-utilized and waste power

Poor User Experience
· Inflexible access
· User is tied to physical hardware, and risk of downtime or loss
· No continuous availability of personalized desktop

What is Desktop Virtualization

What is the Value
Save Money and Reduce Costs
· Virtualization is a strategy to drive IT efficiency
·· Allocate resources per user only as needed
·· Save green by going green

·Centralized Management
·· Faster provisioning of services and infrastructure
·· Eliminate break/fix at the endpoint
·· Dynamically scale respond rapidly to changing business needs
Safer and More Secure
·· No IP or virus threat at the endpoint
·· Keep data in controlled data center environment

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