Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beginning of day 4

So today we woke up to the sound of a garbage truck at 5:45 AM. Now it's not that big of deal but just 15 more minutes sure helps from all the driving. I wanted to get a quick swim in but the pool was not operational.

We headed out to get something to eat but, not a single place to eat could be found. We were on our way to the track and saw this.

I thought I was on the set of Last of the Mohicans. At the track they had no food as well. Went to the bait bag and grab what we could and ate.

First run came and I did OK 14th out of 75, but the big thing was I went off the track at about 50 MPH. It killed my time!

Afternoon came and after losing it the first time ever and needing to make up time, I went as fast as the track would let me. The other cars were throwing debris all over the track. Guess what? I went off again and this time the car just lifted and slid off. Nothing I could do but hold on and pray. I managed to get back on fast with just a little slow down.

After running off the track from grass at turn 6-7 I went in with my head down. Derek kept telling me that, there was nothing I could of done and that's racing. The car is fine from what we can tell now.

Scores were just posted and for the afternoon session I came in 10th out of 75 even going off the track! Explain that one to me? Goes off track and gets passed but improves time by 3 seconds???? We are in route to the hotel for a relaxing night of hmmmmmm sleep!!!!!

We are halfway done and I must say this has been such a blast to this point.

High Plains Raceway!

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