Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last day of OLOA

Today is the last day! I can't believe it's over already. We have one little event called the skid pad at TireRack.coms main site where we started. Derek and I drove thru rush hour Chicago traffic yesterday. It was a short. 270 mile trip but took over 5 hours.

I met some amazing guys and caught up with a few old ones as well. Topspeed Motorsports is going to win again! This will be there third year in a row. Doug and Leh have been awesome the entire event. All the advice even when people are trying to take them down for the championship, they still take time out to help us newbies. Man can they build a car and have it last as well as go crazy fast.

We are in 8th place overall out of 75 teams that started. I have to say this was and will be a great event for years to come. I met some awesome people!

Look at all the GTRs!

Derek did eat again today! I can't believe we missed three dinners this week.

Can you say warranty is up!

Us with Matt Farah from

Last event today! I wish we could keep doing this.

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