Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Lap Day 2

I had a good start to day one and my friend from the military came out to see me at some events. I have not seen Keel for about 8 years. It was awesome!
Today started with a not so pretty day. We woke up a 4:30 AM to the sound of our hotel room door being blown open by 80 MPH winds from tornado that touched down a little ways away. We did not get much sleep last night. We were able to get about 4 hours sleep last night and that's all. We headed out to the track early as we had nothing else we could do. (Side Note) this was what we ran into as we came down the stairs this morning.
Now this track was not to hard but it was wet. It's a bit different when you are racing at 150 MPH down a race track and it's wet compared to a normal highway. This was by far the worst run I did. I learned later, it's hurry up and wait like my military days. We waited to 1 PM and started our second run. The track was FINALLY dry. I went out and gave it my all today. I did not hold back on the last event. Once we were done we hurried up and packed the car and headed out. We had about 85 miles of gas left so we headed to the gas station to fill up. Once we did that we wanted to get some McDonald's and eat! In the drive thru the lady handed me coke and the lid popped off and coke went everywhere in my car!!!!! I was livid!!!! It hit my iPhone and all the electronics we have in the car. So MAD! So what do I do? I drove the entire 472 miles to Oklahoma! Poor Derek, he knew I was mad and just left me alone! We made it to the hotel in record time to say the least but this was BY FAR THE BEST PART OF THE TRIP! We could not get coverage and just talked and laughed and made fun of things we saw along the way. I will try and get Derek to do his sound bites on what I do when I pass traffic. We are in Oklahoma today and will race tomorrow AM at Hallet and then off to (Almost) Denver Colorado. Recap of the event so far. Day 1 Wet skip pad 67 out of 75 Day 1 Oval 11th out of 75 Day 1 Autobahn CC 9th out of 75 Day 2 Mid America Motorplex (Morning session) 21 out of 75 Day 2 Mid America Motorplex (Afternoon session) 7th out of 75 I just want to say thank you for all my Family and friends that have been watching It really means a lot to me. I am sorry for the bad cell coverage. We are at a hotel in Oklahoma and the Internet keeps going in and out. On a side note the K-9 Police department is here for annual training and are all super nice. Car is safe for tonight!

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