Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Start of Day 5

Today was a great start to a new track that we haven't see or heard about. We got up early to meet the film crew. I walked to track (whew) and was ready for the first run.

With my first run complete I felt good about what I did, however the 13th place finish was not what I expected. I really thought it was a top 10 finish.

I am getting ready for the final run today and after that Derek will be taking over for the autocross event. He will do great. I will post once we get the results!

I had a better time in the afternoon. But right before I was to go on track we had a major wreck!

That is not a suicide door! He was in the autocross course and hit a guard rail after spinning out. Not fun! He is out of the event.

Derek is racing the autocross event and he is a little nervous but I know he will do well.

A ladybug was on my chair and once again we are in the middle of nowhere.

This ladybug reminds me of my son Josh and he is an animal whisperer. I think this was a sign he was with me today.

As I was getting ready a Honda 70cc came up and I promised my other son Ryan I would get a picture on it. So Ryan here you go buddy.

We have a long wait til we autocross and then we are out of here to Brainard Minnesota 620 miles away. 5 hour energy drink anyone?

Scores just posted for the afternoon session. I came in 10th place! I move up from 12th place over all to 10th over all. Yes yes yes! So happy with the car/driving so far.

We are waiting on Derek's autocross time right now but he had the second fastest time with a 29.4. He almost beat Leh Keen.

I will update you all once I know more.

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